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Meet the Executive Chef

Executive Chef -  Nicholas Gatti       

Nick has been professionally cooking for almost forty years.  A culinary “mustang”; meaning that he started as a kitchen cleaner and dishwasher in NYC restaurants and worked his way up the ladder.  The bulk of his culinary training was had at The Four Seasons Restaurant where he apprenticed under Chefs Seppi Renggli and Christian “Hitsch” Albin. After a ten year stint at Loews Hotels, Nick settled in at the Alpine Country Club, where he had been meeting member needs for over twenty years.  During his stint at Alpine, Nick has had the opportunity and privilege to work alongside many culinary luminaries: Thomas Keller, Marcus Samuelson, David Burke and many others.  He embraces a “left-handed” culinary philosophy of a fresh, quality ingredient driven cuisine.  While not totally eschewing newer trends and techniques; he feels that flavor and balance count for more than method alone. 

Nick is a married Brooklyn native with two adult children and although he may have an Italian background and French/Swiss brigade training; his first love is for the variegated cuisines of New York City.  Nick’s affinity for things culinary had its roots in the Jewish neighborhoods and delicatessens of East New York, Boro Park, Brighton Beach and Manhattan and grew to encompass and embrace many cuisines;  French, Spanish, Indian, Middle Eastern and all manner of Asian foods.  As he was once told by a great chef: “if you don’t like the taste of a particular food or cuisine then you have not had it prepared properly.”   He is particularly proud of his Brooklyn background, thinks that Peter Luger is arguably the quintessential steakhouse (better than Bern’s), Difara’s makes the best NYC style pizza and he misses his lunches at Junior’s even though S&S makes better cheesecake.

Nick serves as the Restaurant Chair for the New Jersey food rescue organization; Table to Table (  In his spare time Nick enjoys chess, sailing and cycling. 


Paramount Country Club | 60 Zukor Road, New City, NY 10956 | T.845.634.4626