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Paramount History

Inheriting a Legacy....

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In the early 1900s, Paramount Country Club was known as Mountain View Farm. Upon arriving in Rockland County in 1918, Adolf Zukor purchased three hundred acres of land in New City from Lawrence Abraham, heir to the A&S Department Stores. Young Abraham had already built a sizable house, a nine-hole golf course and a swimming pool on this property. Two years later, Zukor bought an additional five hundred acres, built a night house, guest house, movie theater, locker room, greenhouses, garages, staff quarters and hired famed golf architect A.W.Tillinghast to build an eighteen hole championship golf course.

A  very serious and conservative business man, Zukor rarely held any lavish Hollywood parties on these magnificent grounds. Although major movie stars were rumored to be weekend guests, it was Zukor's neighbors who were invited to preview the latest movie releases.  Many times the director and the movie stars were in the theater and were introduced to the audience.

When the Great Depression hit in 1932, the movie industry suffered.

Zukor was unable to maintain his Mountain View Farm estate and he opened it for membership as a golf club. By 1948, the property was sold and became Dellwood Country Club.  In 2011, Dellwood changed its name to Paramount Country Club. 

*Paramount Country Club is not in any way affiliated with Paramount Pictures Corporation

Tidbit:  The fountain in the middle garden was delivered as a gift from Beijing China to Adolf Zukor in 1918.

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